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Michael Ambrosio Instrumentation Expert

Michael Ambrosio

Instrumentation Career

For the past 25+ years I have been in the instrumentation calibration and control systems field, servicing predominantly pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment in a cGMP environment.

I have exceptional skills in troubleshooting instrumentation control systems and equipment of all kinds. Calibration of instruments is second nature to me. I am familiar with the test instruments used to calibrate and have sourced and purchased many in the past. I have a solid understanding of cGMP, compliance and the importance of proper documentation.

While working at Par Pharmaceutical, I took over the instrumentation (calibration) department and immediately updated the test equipment, most of the S.O.P.’s and hired a technician. A year after that I spearheaded the upgrade and validation of the Blue Mountain calibration manager software.

Our goal of 100% completion of calibrations every month was met my entire time as the supervisor. Additionally, our department was subject to a complete audit of our instrumentation systems and found no issues. I have also taken part in several audits with the FDA as well as other companies and always fared well.

Every year I completed the budget for equipment, contractors and also upgrade projects.  In 2006, I was responsible for incorporating a building environmental monitoring system (temp., RH and DP of gmp processing rooms and hallways). I handled the bidding, and the contractors for the installation.

I have many years of supervising experience going all the way back to the Navy when I was 20. I supervised our shop on the night shift for about a year. After that, I supervised a maintenance crew and a cleaning crew in my father’s business. And of course, my supervising experience at Par.

In 2012, I assisted in the installation of 2 Glatt Fluid Bed Dryers (a GPCG-15 and a GPCG-60). My assistance consisted of helping the engineers and riggers with the proper assembly of the units, directing the electricians and plumbers with the running of utilities (wiring, piping, etc.) And I also completely wired the control panels for both machines, fully tested and added additional components. I also executed the IQ and OQ of both machines. Check the photo album…

My Other Career

Aside from the instrumentation work that I do, I also have a lot of experience working on the internet. Since 2001, I have taught myself how to build websites (mostly html), how to install perl and php scripts and integrate them in to my sites, I was a web host, I have created several digital products including training courses and programs (working with programmers), I have worked on many product launches both for myself and others… and more.

Since 2007, at the same time I left Par and started my consulting business, I went to work for one of the most successful internet entrepreneur on line today in the internet marketing space, Mike Filsaime. As part of this dynamic team, I helped develop, build and launch several of his projects. I worked very closely with his programming team as a beta tester, advisor, user experience tester and more. After launching a few of his products I stepped in as a “high touch” customer support person, helping customers understand how to most effectively use and succeed with these products.

During this time I also coached a few of Mike’s clients as a $10,000 coach.

I also work on many of my own projects. At the time of this writing I am working with programmers to develop a software I hope to launch in the next couple of months (and will update this with the results), I also work with a partner helping off line businesses with their on line presence – SEO, site design, social media and more.

All of my experience on the internet came from self study and working with other experts. I am very adept at learning new jobs, technologies and more. I have always felt that there’s very little I can’t accomplish, and have proven to myself that I can achieve what I set out to do. I am a go-getter and a good fit for the work place.

If you are interested in talking to me about a job, consulting, internet projects, etc, please visit my contact page and drop me a line.

Recruiters – you can contact me, but keep in mind a few things – I do NOT have a college degree. I am also not interested in relocating, and no more than 25% travel (I have a family).

Thanks for reading…